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You will need to configure them for your own particular weather station website.
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PHP/AJAX Website Template Sets

This template set is based on the original HTML-only Carterlake WD templates with the addition of AJAX real-time updates and a full-PHP modular website design incorporating the TNETweather modular site design. The templates use a modified weather-screen.css to implement a fixed-width (800px) website or full-width design with built-in color/width style changer. Using PHP allows this template to require only one file to be uploaded through your weather software for symbolic substitution for weather conditions. The AJAX JavaScript reads a separate, frequently uploaded, conditions file produced by your weather software to dynamically update selected parts of the HTML on the pages to reflect really current conditions at your location.

The templates are grouped into three basic versions based on geographic location, and include the support scripts needed for that geography:

  • USA-template (for USA, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands)
  • Canada-Multingual template English/French (for Canada)
  • World-Multilingual template (for non-USA, non-Canada)

Plugins are available for weather station software:

  • Network (requires userid on AND DeviceID AND apiKey)
  • Cumulus 1 or CumulusMX
  • Meteobridge
  • Meteohub
  • Virtual Weather Station
  • Weather-Display
  • WeatherCat (Version V0.95, Build 152 or later) (Successor product to Lightsoft Weather Center (LWC))
  • WeatherLink
  • (requires a userid/password on AND DeviceID, Key for station)
  • WeatherSnoop (Version 2.1.1 or later)
  • New!WeeWX (Version 4.5.0 or later)
  • wview
  • WxSolution

A complete template consists of a Base (determined by your geographical location) and a Plugin for your specific weather software.

Main features of the template set:

  • Modular structure for display pages on website with primary areas (top, header, sidebar, footer) controlled by included parts so global changes can be easily made to one file and shown on all pages in the site.
  • A 4-level CSS-based flyout-menu system controlled by specification in one XML file.
  • Built-in theme switcher allowing optional viewer control over website color scheme and wide/narrow aspect (with user preferences remembered by browser cookie)
  • Built-in multilingual translation capability for single-phrase lookup (English to target language) and entire-page fixed content translation.
  • Integrated support scripts for forecasts, alerts, and earthquake information appropriate to the geography selected.
  • Built-in optional debugging displays for remote site support.
  • Validated XHTML 1.0-Transitional HTML and CSS 2.1
Base Templates (images shown with VWS-plugin active)
USA template demo - click to see Canada template demo - click to see World template demo - click to see

USA languages included:
(but may add language plugins)

Canada languages included:
English, Français,

World languages included:
English, Afrikaans, български език, Català, Dansk, Nederlands, Suomi, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Italiano, עִבְרִית. Norsk, Polski, Português, limba română, Español, Svenska, Slovenščina

Additional live sample (Base-USA) sites with other weather software plugins:
CumulusMX | Meteobridge | WeeWX | |


Please follow the links below for information, download and installation/configuration guidance.

Version history (latest 20 updates)

  • Version 3.349 - 19-Jan-2022 (Base-USA) PHP8.1 updates for atom-advisory.php V2.13, atom-top-warning.php V2.11;
    (Base-World) PHP8.1 updates for AW-forecast.php V1.02, DS-forecast.php V1.10
  • Version 3.348 - 18-Jan-2022 (Base-Canada) update ec-lightning.php V1.03 with fix for extract of source HTML Charset to use
  • Version 3.347 - 18-Jan-2022 (Base-*) PHP 8.1 updates to fix Deprecated errata: get-USNO-sunmoon.php V3.04, include-wxstatus.php V1.13, thermometer.php V1.18;
    (Base-USA) advforecast2.php V5.18, NWS-regional-radar-animate.php V1.04, radar-status.php V1.18;
    (CU-Plugin) PHP8.1 updates to fix Deprecated errata and add new CumulusMX data variables: CU-defs.php V1.12
  • Version 3.346 - 29-Dec-2021 (Base-*) update header.php to replace 'split' with 'explode' for PHP 8
  • Version 3.345 - 29-Nov-2021 (Base-*) update common.php V1.13, include-style-switcher.php V1.21 to add SameSite=Lax to cookie setting request;
    (Base-USA) update nws-alertmap.js V1.01 to add SameSite=Lax to cookie setting request
  • Version 3.344 - 08-Jul-2021 (Base-Canada) update wxecradar-iframe.php V1.02 to support overlay info (new overlays in ./radar/, thanks to M. Romer)
  • Version 3.343 - 02-Jun-2021 (Base-*) update common.php V1.12 to add cookie for persistent language selection (lang=)
  • Version 3.342 - 28-May-2021 (CU-plugin) update ./cumx/cumulusmxcharts.js V1.01 to add cuDir variable for CumulusMX .json files not in same directory as wxgraphs.php
  • Version 3.341 - 14-May-2021 (Base-*) updated multiple scripts for WeeWX support check-fetch-times.php V1.43, include-wxstatus.php V1.12, thermometer.php V1.17, top.php V3.06, wxgraphs.php V1.07, ajaxWEEWXwx.js v2.26; (WEEWX-plugin) Version 1.00 initial release
  • Version 3.340 - 02-May-2021 (Base-USA) updated wxnwsradar-inc.php, wxnwsradar-iframe.php V2.01 to add composite radar images to list for display
  • Version 3.339 - 19-Apr-2021 (Base-Canada) updated wxecradar-iframe.php V1.01 to have additional diagnostics for image list fetch from Environment Canada site
  • Version 3.338 - 14-Apr-2021 (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.42 for additional version checks;
    (Base-Canada) added wxecradar*.php script set to display Environment Canada radar .gif images using HAniS JavaScript
  • Version 3.337 - 06-Apr-2021 (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.41 for additional version checks;
    (Base-USA) updated USA-regional-maps-inc.php V1.03 to use NWS regional loops from, updated wxnwsradar.php V2.01, wxnwsradar-inc.php V2.00, wxnwsradar-iframe.php V2.00 to use NEXRAD images from
  • Version 3.336 - 12-Feb-2021 (Base-*) updated get-UV-forecast-inc.php V1.09 to use https to site
  • Version 3.335 - 08-Feb-2021 (Base-USA) updated NWS-regional-radar-animate.php V1.03 to add cache busting / expires headers and fix one typo in tables
  • Version 3.334 - 01-Feb-2021 (Base-*) updated get-metar-conditions-inc.php V1.19 to correct code for Ice Pellets from 'PE' to 'PL' (thanks to Jim of
  • Version 3.333 - 27-Jan-2021 (Base-Canada) updated ec-radar.php V2.06 with allowed sites listing and a parse fix for source page charset
  • Version 3.332 - 26-Jan-2021 (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.40 to show additional PHP/site info; (Base-USA) updated NWS-regional-radar-animate.php V1.02 to add error messages on "Not Available" image
  • Version 3.331 - 12-Jan-2021 (Base-*) deprecated swfobject.js, wxlive.php as Adobe Flash is discontinued, update check-fetch-times.php V1.39 for Flash deprecation;
    (Base-USA) update NWS-regional-radar-animate.php V1.01 to fix issues with null parameters and add Last-modified header
  • Version 3.330 - 06-Jan-2021 (Base-USA) add NWS-regional-radar-animate.php V1.00, update USA-regional-maps-inc.php V1.02, update wxnwsradar.php V2.00, deprecate wxnwsradar-inc.php and wxnwsradar-iframe.php, update check-fetch-times.php V1.38 for new animated GIF regional radar maps from

A full version history is available here.

Current Template Website Statistics

Numbers are counts of template websites by template version (V2, V3) and weather software used by the website.

Weather Software V2 V3 Total
(Regional Site) 21 6 27 --- 12 12
Cumulus --- 60 60
Meteobridge --- 26 26
Meteohub --- 10 10
VWS --- 15 15
Weather-Display 133 340 473
WeatherCat --- 11 11
WeatherLink --- 13 13 --- 3 3
WeatherSnoop --- 1 1
WsWIN --- 1 1
sint wind pi --- 1 1
weewx --- 1 1
wview --- 5 5
Totals:  154 505 659

Note: Regional Weather Network sites do not run weather station software, but do use the V2 or V3 template set. V2 template sets were based using Weather-Display software only.

Acknowledgements and thanks!

  • Thanks to Kevin Reed ( and Tom Chaplin ( for providing the original Carterlake HTML Weather-Display template set.
  • Thanks to Jozef ( and Tom Chaplin ( for pioneering the original Weather-Display AJAX script on which this AJAX function is based.
  • Thanks to Kevin Reed ( for developing and sharing his included-file PHP website design on which this template set is based.
  • Thanks to Mike Challis ( for developing the wind-rose graphic generator , the Template Style Editor, the Template Switcher and CSS files, developing the WDL and MML pages, and helping enhance many of the scripts used in this template set.
  • Thanks to Tim Hanko ( for the prototype GR3radar page (USA).
  • Thanks to Jim McMurry ( for his WeatherUnderground History display script.
  • Thanks to Rob Ingham of RainmanWeather and Ysbrand of Venhuizen, NL weather for their invaluable assistance in helping create the Meteohub plugin for the template sets.
  • Thanks to Paolo of Meteotreviglio for creating and sharing the animated forecast icon set.
  • Thanks to Curly of Michiana Weather for creating the nws-alerts system and graciously allowing it to be included in the Base-USA template distribution (as of V3.105, 28-Jan-2012).
  • Thanks to Larry of Siena Weather for his assistance in creating the AWN-plugin.
  • Thanks to Gary of Narangba Weather in Queensland, AU for his generation of the weewx-saratoga extension for WeeWX which provides the data used by the Saratoga template with the WEEWX-plugin.