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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - Find nearby METARs

You can use the query form below to find all current weather-reporting METAR stations within the specified distance of your latitude/longitude.
Be aware that not all stations provide 24 hourly reports each day; some only report during limited hours/days a week. The stations shown have published data within the last 7 days to the NOAA raw-metar collection site. Inactive METAR stations have been excluded from the results below.

After the query is complete, the first output box shows the closest station to you and should be used for your $SITE['conditionsMETAR'] value in Settings-weather.php (for Cumulus, Meteohub, VWS, WeatherLink users).
Weather-Display users should use the first METAR listed with the WD METAR setup - you do not need a $SITE['conditionsMETAR'] entry in your Settings-weather.php file.

After the query is complete, the second output box contains the list of nearby METAR stations can be copied to the wxmetar.php page's $MetarList = array( ); so they will be displayed in order on the wxmetar.php page in the template set. Feel free to reorder the list in your wxmetar.php page.

Checking the "Save selections?" checkbox and clicking on "Find METARs" button will store your selections in a browser cookie so it will be available the next time you visit this page.
Note: Browser cookies must be enabled to save your selections.

(+=N,-=S of Equator);
(+=E,-=W of GMT)