Meteoalarm EMMA_ID Region explorer tool
Use this tool to get data to configure get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php script to display both summary and details of alerts for the EMMA_ID areas you specify.

Find the EMMA_ID warning area for your location for use with Saratoga World template.

Navigate the map by using the search function or zoom/scroll to your location.
The mouse cursor will display the EMMA_ID of that area. Note that EMMA_ID.
Repeat the process for adjacent areas if need be.

For Saratoga template use, add to your Settings.php:

   $SITE['EUwarnings'] = '<EMMA_ID>';

where the <EMMA_ID> is replaced by the EMMA_ID(s) you found above. Separate multiple
EMMA_IDs by a comma (,) (e.g. 'DK002,DK004,DK005'; )

You must also include in Settings.php:

   $SITE['useMeteoalarm'] = true;

to activate the displays in both wxindex.php and wxadvisory.php.

( EMMA_ID list updated 2023-12-01 19:32 UTC)

Mouse over location to see EMMA_ID data.
LAT:  55.6776
LON:  13.3594

Script by Data provided by EUMETNET Meteoalarm