Southwestern Weather Network - Hawaii Blitzortung Lightning

Lightning by Southwestern Weather Network Blitzortung stations

Station #993 Running (Maui, Hawaii, United States / Hawaii) - click for details. Station #2261 Running (Haleakala, United States / Hawaii) - click for details.

Lightning Map Courtesy of hobbyist lightning detection network.
Data supplied by Southwestern Weather Network members with Blitzortung detectors and other Blitzortung network stations.

The Blitzortung networks members build (from kit parts) the detector which monitors H-field (and now can do E-field) emissions from lightning strikes, and has a set of servers in Europe to correlate the Time-Of-Arrival at detectors v.s. GPS-time and uses that to locate strikes. There is a great (and somewhat hypnotic) realtime map for North America where you can see real-time strike info, and which stations participated in the location of that strike. There is a companion site that offers the same data and uses a zoomable Leaflet Map for display.

For those interested in more information about Blitzortung, there is a Blitzortung forum in the US at and a public forum .. to access the internal forum, there, you'll need to have a Blitzortung member id.