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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - Updates

Note: this page should be used to upgrade V2 Weather-Display/AJAX/PHP templates only to new V3 templates with the WD-plugin.

Select the current V2 template you are using on your weather website, then press "Create Upgrade File" to see the list of files needing update to convert your website to a V3 template. Click on the "Download a ZIP file of updates" and save the file locally -- it contains all the files needed for the upgrade.
Carefully follow the Recommend: instructions for each file listed when doing the website update.

Checking the "Save selections?" checkbox and clicking on "Create Upgrade File" button will store your selections in a browser cookie so it will be available the next time you visit this page.
Note: Browser cookies must be enabled to save your selections.

If you would like your site listed as using the templates, please contact me with your weather website URL, location, Base and Plugin used.

The dates in the distribution files are stored using Pacific time (GMT-8hrs).


V3 template version history (latest 20 updates)

  • Version 3.247 - 27-Jan-2018 (Base-USA) updated nws-alerts.php scripts V1.42 with PHP7+ changes
  • Version 3.246 - 24-Jan-2018 (Base-Canada) updated wxindex.php with CSS changes for ec-forecast.php V3+ alerts display
  • Version 3.245 - 09-Jan-2018 (Base-*,WLCOM-Plugin) updated WLCOM plugin to use new API. Now requires DeviceID and Key in Settings-weather.php for operation.
  • Version 3.244 - 20-Nov-2017 (Base-Canada) updated ec-forecast.php V5.02 to display wind gust in conditions and hourly forecasts, fix blank icon issue for no conditions reported
  • Version 3.243 - 11-Nov-2017 (Base-*) updated get-UV-forecast-inc.php V1.08 to use curl fetch and fix notice errata
  • Version 3.242 - 07-Nov-2017 (Base-Canada) updated ec-forecast.php V5.01 to add missing windchill display to conditions box
  • Version 3.241 - 20-Oct-2017 (Base-*) updated get-USNO-sunmoon.php V3.01 with fix for DMY calculated date format
  • Version 3.240 - 17-Oct-2017 (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.19 with improved show=info diagnostics
  • Version 3.239 - 15-Oct-2017 (Base-Canada) updated ec-lightning.php V1.02 to correct missing function call error
  • Version 3.238 - 13-Oct-2017 (Base-Canada) updated ec-lightning.php V1.01 to use cURL and HTTPS access to EC website
  • Version 3.237 - 11-Oct-2017 (Base-*) updated get-USNO-sunmoon.php V3.00 for curl fetch and $SITE['useUSNO'] = false; to perform internal calculations instead of data;
    (Base-*) updated get-metar-conditions-inc.php V1.16 to use curl for fetch, fix fractional visibility calculation for kilometers;
    (Base-USA) updated advforecast2.php V5.03 with fix for stale point-forecast via API to cause failover to Zone forecast
  • Version 3.236 - 30-Sep-2017 (CU-Plugin) updated CU-trends-inc.php V1.10 to add Dew Point trends and note about data currency
    (MB-Plugin) updated MB-trends-inc.php V1.09 to add Dew Point trends and note about data currency
    (Base-*) updated ajaxCUwx.js V3.05 and ajaxMBwx.js V4.03 to support Dew Point updates on trends+fix Baro decimals display.
  • Version 3.235 - 30-Sep-2017 (WD-plugin) updated WD-trends-inc.php V1.07 to add Dew Point trends and note about data currency
    (Base-*) updated ajaxWDwx.js V2.25 to support Dew Point updates to WD-trends-inc.php display+fix Baro decimals display.
  • Version 3.234 - 27-Sep-2017 (Base-Canada) update ec-forecast.php V5.00 using XML parsing from EC instead of page scraping. Requires ec-forecast-lookup.txt for operation.
    (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.18 for version support for new ec-forecast.php V5.00
  • Version 3.233 - 31-Aug-2017 (Base-Canada) update ec-forecast.php V4.03 for icon display after EC website changes
  • Version 3.232 - 16-Jul-2017 (Base-USA) update advforecast2.php V5.03 (JSON version) to use point forecast HTTP return code > 400 to force Zone forecast fetch/display
  • Version 3.231 - 30-May-2017 (Base-*) update quake-json.php V1.13 to ignore JSON tz and use Settings.php TZ for UTC-to-local times
  • Version 3.230 - 22-May-2017 (Base-USA) update advforecast2.php V5.02 (JSON version) to add rising/falling temperature indicators
  • Version 3.229 - 26-Apr-2017 (Base-USA) update advforecast2.php V5.01 (JSON version) to use Test sites while waiting for June 19, 2017 implementation of new
  • Version 3.228 - 22-Apr-2017 - (Base-*) update thermometer.php V1.15, include-wxstatus.php V1.06, ajaxWLCOMwx.js V3.05 for WLCOM-plugin support, footer.php V1.02 for https validation links;
    (WLCOM-plugin) V1.00 - initial release to allow to source weather data for the templates;
    (Base-USA) updated wxindex.php V1.01 for WU map URLs, advforecast2.php V5.00 (JSON version) and DualImage.php V1.01 for new NWS site on 24-Apr-2017,

A full version history is available here.