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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - WeeWX Setup


Credits: A big thanks goes to Gary of Narangba Weather in Queensland, AU for his generation of the weewx-saratoga extension for WeeWX which provides the data used by the Saratoga template with the WEEWX-plugin. It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Gary to produce this functionality.

Gary's weewx-saratoga WeeWX extension is based on his prior weewx-wd , weewx-realtime_clientraw and weewx-stackedwindrose extensions that have been updated and configured to work with the WEEWX-plugin for the Saratoga template set. The weewx-saratoga extension has the ability to update the clientraw.txt file at rapid intervals via an HTTP POST to a script (included in the WEEWX-plugin) on your website to provide AJAX updates to some of the weather variables displayed on your pages.

The WEEWX-plugin with weewx-saratoga extension will allow many of the add-on scripts for Weather-Display to be used with minor changes. There is a version 6.95d of the Alternative dashboard available. Scripts that rely on Weather-Display's noaaclimatereport*.html will not work, but scripts supporting text-based NOAA files are easily adapted for use (and a wxnoaaclimatereports.php script is included in the WEEWX-plugin.

To use the WeeWX plugin with the Saratoga template set, there are two installation requirements:

  1. Install and configure WeeWX software on your weather station system (Raspberry Pi/Linux system).
    Use the instructions at to download and configure the WeeWX software. Make sure that WeeWX is configured in weewx.conf for your prefered units for Temperature, Windspeed, Rainfall, Barometer, Distance, Height and that the default WeeWX website is routinely uploading (preferably at 5 minute intervals) to your website the builtin .html and .png images.

    For local websites (on the same system running WeeWX), no FTP or RSYNC config is needed. For external websites, configure the FTP or RSYNC credentials to have the files uploaded at the archive interval.

    Note: The location of weewx.conf is dependent on how WeeWX was installed; for package installs using wee_extension it is in /etc/weewx/weewx.conf but for installs it will be in /home/weewx/weewx.conf
  2. If you had previously installed Gary's extensions of weewx-wd , weewx-realtime_clientraw or weewx-stackedwindrose, you should use

    sudo wee_extension --uninstall=WeeWX-WD
    sudo wee_extension --uninstall=Rtcr
    sudo wee_extension --uninstall=StackedWindRose

    to remove them so there will be no code interference with the new weewx-saratoga extension which replaces their functions.
  3. Install the weewx-saratoga WeeWX extension software from using the instructions in the file posted there.
    You will need to do some additional customization to weewx.conf to specify the HTTP upload URL for the post_clientraw.php on your external website to activate the realtime clientraw.txt upload for the AJAX scripts to use.
    If you're using the local website on the same system that runs WeeWX, you don't need to do this extra customization -- the clientraw.txt file will be updated directly in the filesystem for the local webserver to use.

Setup WeeWX to upload the needed files

Make sure that WeeWX is creating and uploading (see below) the *.png graph files (for display on the wxgraphs.php page). The .html files generated by WeeWX are not used, so you can turn off generation/upload of those files if you wish. The weewx-saratoga extension will create and upload at the archive interval the main weather tags file (WEEWXtags.php) used by the Saratoga template. (to see the raw source after processing by WeeWX)

Files processed by WeeWX with weewx-saratoga extension used by templates

The following are the only files that need to be regularly processed by WeeWX and uploaded to your template website. To save FTP bandwidth, you can edit the weewx.conf file to comment out other entries as they are not used by the template as distributed.

Files produced by weewx-saratoga extension:

clientraw.txt (produced at archive interval, and also more frequently by HTTP POST to post_clientraw.php on the website)

Files produced by basic WeeWX:


Optional (if you have these sensors)


where *= 'day', 'week', 'month', and 'year' in the graph file names.

Note: the includes sample copies of WEEWXtags.php, clientraw*.txt, and daywindrose.png so your website will display with sample data until the uploads from your WeeWX replace the files with your data.

Additional setup may be required...

The ./cache/ directory from the document root of your website needs to be writable by PHP. Run to check for Error: messages. If you see the messages, set the permissions on the ./cache/ directory to 666 or 777 to enable writing. Retest using the check-fetch-times.php script.

Checking for proper function after installation

Use page to see if all the needed files are being updated in a timely fashion. The entries in the circled area in the image below are the ones to check.
The 'realtime' is for clientraw.txt,
the FTP is for WEEWXtags.php upload,
the Weather Data is the internal date:time of the data in WEEWXtags.php,
the NOAA report is for the ./NOAA/NOAA-YYYY-MM.txt (YYYY, MM is current Year and Month) file.

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