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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - WeatherSnoop Setup


There is only one setup required in WeatherSnoop for the proper operation of your template set. Please follow the setup instructions in the section below to have WeatherSnoop upload the weather.json file.
NOTE: WeatherSnoop Version 2.1.1 (or greater version number) is requred for use with the template set.

WeatherSnoop setup

Configure WeatherSnoop for internet uploads by going to the WeatherSnoop, View, Agent, Sharing, FTP panel

If the Agent is running, press the 'Stop' button to stop the Agent and allow the configuration.

Enter your FTP username, password and server information in the areas shown in the screen shot. Use the return key to make sure the settings are locked in the text boxes.

Check the "Push my weather data via FTP" checkbox to enable the upload of the weather.json file.

Select the interval to use for the uploads - 5 minutes is usually fine to show the weather conditions on your website. Select 1 minute or 30 seconds interval if you want more frequent publishing, but be aware that it will create more FTP bandwidth usage.

Press "Start" to reactivate the Agent and resume polling of your weather staion for data.

WeatherSnoop internet settings