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The scripts referenced here are used in the operation of this weather station, and may be freely copied and used to support your station. Please note that you use these scripts at your own risk. No warranty is expressed or implied. I accept no liability for any damages that may ensue from their use.
You will need to configure them for your own particular weather station website.
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A Version History is available -- check back from time to time to see if there are updates to scripts you have downloaded earlier. Announcements of version updates and new scripts are made on and Weather-Watch forums and saratogaWXPHP Twitter account as they become available.

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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - installation

Note: As distributed, the template files are expected to be located in the document root of your website and the required subdirectories located below the document root. It is possible to use the templates from a subdirectory if the identical directory substructure is maintained and you continue to have URL and FILE relative addressing consistent (as it is now). You may be required to make additional changes that are not documented in the instructions if you wish to use the templates in a subdirectory.

The installation and configuration of the template set is fairly straightforward using these steps:

  1. Make sure your website can run PHP (check it here). These templates require PHP5.x. Make sure that allow_url_fopen is enabled in the php.ini file.. some of the scripts may use this feature. The default PHP5 setting for this is allow_url_fopen = off.
  2. Make a local backup of your current website to a .zip file or a subdirectory. You don't need to do this if you have no preexisting weather website
  3. Download the selected Base template set appropriate to your geographical location and unpack it (preserving the directory structure) to the offline copy of your weather website.
  4. Download the selected weather software Plugin .zip and unpack it (preserving directory structure) to the same directory as your Base template offline copy of your weather website.
    Download One Base Template: Updated
    Canada Template .ZIP 02 Jul 2024 02:11pm PDT (02 Jul 2024 21:11 GMT)
    USA Template .ZIP 09 Jul 2024 06:39am PDT (09 Jul 2024 13:39 GMT)
    World Template .ZIP 16 Mar 2024 04:15pm PDT (16 Mar 2024 23:15 GMT)
    Download One WX software Plugin: Updated .ZIP 06 May 2022 09:34am PDT (06 May 2022 16:34 GMT)
    Cumulus/CumulusMX .ZIP 26 Feb 2024 09:13am PST (26 Feb 2024 17:13 GMT)
    Meteobridge .ZIP 20 Jun 2023 05:34pm PDT (21 Jun 2023 00:34 GMT)
    *** Meteohub .ZIP 28 Apr 2012 11:30am PDT (28 Apr 2012 18:30 GMT)
    VWS .ZIP 18 Feb 2023 07:37am PST (18 Feb 2023 15:37 GMT)
    Weather-Display .ZIP 18 Feb 2023 07:37am PST (18 Feb 2023 15:37 GMT)
    WeatherLink .ZIP 18 Feb 2023 07:37am PST (18 Feb 2023 15:37 GMT) 01 Feb 2022 11:27am PST (01 Feb 2022 19:27 GMT)
    *** WeatherCat .ZIP 28 Nov 2013 09:48am PST (28 Nov 2013 17:48 GMT)
    *** WeatherSnoop .ZIP 20 Jul 2014 07:53am PDT (20 Jul 2014 14:53 GMT)
    WeeWX .ZIP 18 Feb 2023 07:37am PST (18 Feb 2023 15:37 GMT)
    wview .ZIP 18 Feb 2023 07:37am PST (18 Feb 2023 15:37 GMT)
    WxSolution .ZIP 09 Feb 2013 12:42pm PST (09 Feb 2013 20:42 GMT)
    [see Version History]
    Note: *** Plugin is no longer maintained since the testing environment for it is no longer functional. It may not work correctly with updates to the weather software. Use at your own risk.

  5. Download the Icons for your weather forecast program.
    Use the Saratoga or Meteotreviglio Icons for USA, Canada [if you have WXSIM], World .
    If you have advforecast2.php, WU-forecast.php or WXSIM plaintext-parser.php already installed on your existing website, you can reuse your existing /forecast/images icons.
    For Canada, if you already have the ec-forecast.php script installed on your existing website, you can reuse your existing /ec-icons images, otherwise download the Canada ec-icons.

    Download Icons for USA, World, and Canada with WXSIM Download Icons for Canada

    clear sky  Chance Rain-30%  Thunder storm-50% chance
    Saratoga Forecast Icons .zip

    Saratoga Forecast Icons 86x86


    clear sky  Chance Rain-30%  Thunder storm-50% chance
    Meteotreviglio Animated Forecast Icons .zip

    Note: with the NWS forecast changes, the Meteotreviglio icons can still be used with the Base-USA template, BUT will not allow display of the new DualImage icons.
    clear sky  Chance Rain-30%  Thunder storm-50% chance
    Canada Forecast GIF/ec-icons .zip


    clear sky  Chance Rain-30%  Thunder storm-50% chance
    Canada Forecast PNG/ec-icons-png .zip

    Note: the Canada icons are used with Environment Canada forecasts only. They have a different naming structure than the Saratoga icons so are not interchangeable with the other sets.

  6. Edit the Settings.php file and perform the Base template-specific configuration.

    Settings.php configuration for: Base-USA, Base-Canada, Base-World

  7. Edit the Settings-weather.php file and perform the weather software-specific setup, including the setup of your weather software to upload the required [WXname]tags.php file and the realtime file(s) used for the AJAX updates to your website.
    The detailed instructions are found in the WXtags-template-files/README.txt file from the weather software plugin .ZIP file and at the links below. If you change directory names or units-of-measure from the defaults in the Settings.php and Settings-weather.php files, make the corresponding changes to the ajax[WXname]wx.js file in your site

    Settings-weather.php configuration for:, Cumulus 1 or MX, Meteobridge, Meteohub, VWS, Weather-Display, WeatherLink,, WeatherCat, WeatherSnoop, WeeWX, wview, WxSolution

    Setup instructions for
    Cumulus 1, CumulusMX, Meteobridge, Meteohub, VWS, Weather-Display, WeatherLink, WeatherCat, WeatherSnoop, WeeWX, wview, WxSolution

  8. Edit the top.php file to make changes to the site <meta> tags if necessary.
    To keep your website XHTML 1.0-Transitional, make sure new <meta> tags are self terminated with attributes in lower case
    <meta content-type="... />
  9. Edit the wxabout.php page to include the description of your weather station and your town.
    For Canada and World template, edit the English in wxabout.php, and edit the wxabout-LL.html files for each language you plan to offer on your website.
  10. For the World template, edit the wxradar.php and wxadvisory.php pages to have content from your national meterological service.
  11. For the USA template, follow these instructions to setup the wxradar.php page by configuring WX-radar-inc.php file using the WX-radar-testpage.php?show=loc.
  12. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, you might want the moon images that match your view of the sky at night. Use these to replace the images in /ajax-images directory.

    Download: Southern Hemisphere Moon Images
  13. Now you can upload ALL the files/directories to your website using FTP (ASCII mode for all .php, css, .js and txt files, BINARY mode for all .gif, .jpg, .png). Make sure that ALL the files/directories are uploaded to your website.
  14. View each new page of your site starting with wxindex.php and use the navigation links to navigate all pages. Your website should be ready for use.

When you've decided that the new site is to be made 'live', then use these steps to have it become the primary display.

  1. Rename (on your local disk) wxindex.php to index.php
  2. Edit flyout-menu.xml for flyout-menu to replace wxindex.php with index.php in the link.
  3. Upload flyout-menu.xml and index.php to your website.

To customize a new page on your weather website, just do the following simple procedure:

  1. On your local copy of the website, copy wxnewpage.php to a new filename and retain the .php extension.
  2. Edit the new .php page to insert your own content.
  3. Upload the new page to your website, and browse to it manually using it's name in the browser location bar.
  4. When satisfied that it works well (and validates by clicking the 'valid XHTML' link at the bottom of the page), carefully edit flyout-menu-test.xml and insert an <item /> entry for the new page.
  5. Upload the flyout-menu-test.xml file to your site.
  6. Browse to any page on your site, and add ?menu=test to the end of the URL in the browser bar and load the page.
  7. If the menu item shows up as you expect, then copy flyout-menu-test.xml over flyout-menu.xml and upload flyout-menu.xml to your site to make the new page live.

After you have implemented your AJAX/PHP website...

Remember the date you downloaded your Base and Plugin .zip files. Then use that date on the updates page along with your Base and Plugin type to query for files that may need updating. That makes it easy to maintain your website with current versions of all the scripts and features released since you installed your copies. It is important to check the updates page regularly as scripts may need changes to keep up with external website changes and additions of new features. If a page was working, then stops working, then that is a good time to check for updates.

Optional Language Plugins

These languages are already included in the Base-World template. They can be used to add one or more languages to the Base-USA or Base-Canada templates.

Note: the plugins listed below are from the original WD/AJAX/PHP World-ML set of translations and so some items may NOT be translated in them. After installation on your Base-Canada or Base-USA, adjust your Settings.php for the new language(s), then use the multilingual feature page for directions on how to find/fix missing translation items.

Download Updated
World English Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:18pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:18 GMT)
World Afrikkans Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:19pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:19 GMT)
World Bulgarian Language Plugin 03 Jul 2009 02:25pm PDT (03 Jul 2009 21:25 GMT)
World Catalan Language Plugin 22 Jul 2012 07:24pm PDT (23 Jul 2012 02:24 GMT)
World Danish Language Plugin 03 Jul 2009 03:59pm PDT (03 Jul 2009 22:59 GMT)
World Dutch Language Plugin 08 Oct 2011 11:01am PDT (08 Oct 2011 18:01 GMT)
World German Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:19pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:19 GMT)
World Finnish Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:18pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:18 GMT)
World French Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:31pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:31 GMT)
World Greek Language Plugin 17 Jan 2009 03:35pm PST (17 Jan 2009 23:35 GMT)
World Italian Language Plugin 14 Sep 2011 06:46pm PDT (15 Sep 2011 01:46 GMT)
World Norwegian Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:17pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:17 GMT)
World Polish Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:17pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:17 GMT)
World Portuguese Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:17pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:17 GMT)
World Romanian Language Plugin 22 Apr 2010 05:42pm PDT (23 Apr 2010 00:42 GMT)
World Slovenian Language Plugin 28 Jul 2012 02:47pm PDT (28 Jul 2012 21:47 GMT)
World Spanish Language Plugin 06 Jan 2009 12:18pm PST (06 Jan 2009 20:18 GMT)
World Swedish Language Plugin 05 Jul 2009 04:26pm PDT (05 Jul 2009 23:26 GMT)