Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Sun, 23-Sep-2018 10:02am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
2 mi NNW of Santa Rosa, CA 2.5 00014892 mi 1537646660Sat, 22-Sep-2018 1:04pm PDT map
2 mi ESE of Union City, CA 2.0 00003522 mi 1537641031Sat, 22-Sep-2018 11:30am PDT map
5 mi NNE of Bay Point, CA 2.7 00009257 mi 1537615283Sat, 22-Sep-2018 4:21am PDT map
8 mi SW of Toms Place, CA 2.9 000287178 mi 1537604353Sat, 22-Sep-2018 1:19am PDT map
2 mi ENE of Toms Place, CA 2.1 000300187 mi 1537601804Sat, 22-Sep-2018 12:36am PDT map
11 mi NNE of Alum Rock, CA 2.5 00003823 mi 1537582437Fri, 21-Sep-2018 7:13pm PDT map
15 mi E of Tres Pinos, CA 2.0 00010264 mi 1537563154Fri, 21-Sep-2018 1:52pm PDT map
24 mi N of Toms Place, CA 2.3 000304189 mi 1537521183Fri, 21-Sep-2018 2:13am PDT map
2 mi N of Santa Rosa, CA 2.3 00014892 mi 1537496039Thu, 20-Sep-2018 7:13pm PDT map
4 mi NNW of Pinnacles, CA 2.2 00010767 mi 1537482185Thu, 20-Sep-2018 3:23pm PDT map
11 mi NNE of San Simeon, CA 2.3 000186115 mi 1537478839Thu, 20-Sep-2018 2:27pm PDT map
4 mi SSE of Elmira, CA 2.6 00011571 mi 1537379247Wed, 19-Sep-2018 10:47am PDT map
6 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 2.4 00012377 mi 1537315810Tue, 18-Sep-2018 5:10pm PDT map
2 mi ENE of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.7 000275171 mi 1537193407Mon, 17-Sep-2018 7:10am PDT map
17 mi WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada 2.0 000301187 mi 1537178631Mon, 17-Sep-2018 3:03am PDT map
9 mi W of Toms Place, CA 2.5 000283176 mi 1537150040Sun, 16-Sep-2018 7:07pm PDT map
2 mi WSW of San Juan Bautista, CA 2.5 00006339 mi 1537135451Sun, 16-Sep-2018 3:04pm PDT map

17 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.