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Weather Display/PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - Settings.php - World-ML

The configuration for Settings.php discussed here is for the World-ML Specific template set. It assumes you've already done the common Settings.php configuration required for all the template sets.
Common Settings in Settings.php | USA specific | Canada specific | Canada-ML specific | World specific | World-ML specific | menubar.php configuration

['WDlanguage']        = 'en';  // Language used by WD
#  ='en' - English, 'de' = German, 'dk' = Danish, 'it'=Italian, 'fr'=French,
#  ='es' - Spanish, 'no' = Norwegian 
# Multilanguage support 
$SITE['allowLanguageSelect'] = true// set to false to disable the the use of language selector
$SITE['useLanguageFlags'] = true;  // true=show flags, false=show language 2-char abbreviations
$SITE['lang'] = 'en'// default language
$SITE['langavail'] = array('en',   // select languages to offer here.  Use comments to remove languages
// array('en', should be first entry on line above
'af',  // afrikaans
'bg',  // bulgarian
//  'ct', // 'catalan',
'dk'// 'danish',
'nl'// 'dutch',
'fi'// 'finnish',
'fr'// 'french',
'de'// 'german',
'el'// 'greek',
'it'// 'italian',
'no'// 'norwegian',
'pl'// 'polish',
'pt'// 'portuguese',
'es'// 'spanish',
'se'// 'swedish',

# if your WD uploads almanac dates using a language OTHER THAN English, please put the month
# names in your language to replace the English ones below.  This is used primarily by the
# wxastronomy.php page for the local dates of moon phases, solistices, and equinoxes
$SITE['monthNames'] = array(  // for wxastronomy page .. replace with month names in your language 

# if you have WXSIM and plaintext-parser.php, set $SITE['WXSIM'] = true;
# to have the WXSIM forecast text appear in the dashboard along with your primary forecast org's
# forecast.  
$SITE['WXSIM']            = true;  // Set to false if no WXSIM/plaintext-parser.php
$SITE['WXSIMscript']     = 'plaintext-parser.php'// script for decoding plaintext.txt into icons
$SITE['defaultlang']    = 'en';   // 'en' for English (WXSIM plaintext-parser.php)

$SITE['fcsticonsdir'] = './forecast/images/'// NOAA-style icons for NWS, WU, WXSIM forecast scripts

# fcsturlWU  the Wunderground URL for the non-US/non-Canadian forecasts (WU-forecast.php)
$SITE['fcsturlWU']         = ''// Awhitu, Waiuku New Zealand

#---- in the following section, enable settings for ONE primary forecast organization
# pick which script AND org are to be used for your forecast here: (last uncommented pair will
#  be the ones used on the wxforecast.php page and in your dashboard and sidebar

$SITE['fcstscript']    = 'WU-forecast.php';    // Non-USA, Non-Canada Wunderground Forecast Script
$SITE['fcstorg']        = 'WU';    // set to 'WU' for WeatherUnderground

#$SITE['fcstscript']    = 'plaintext-parser.php';    // WXSIM forecast (if only forecast script)
#$SITE['fcstorg']        = 'WXSIM';    // set to 'WXSIM' for WXSIM forecast

This setting controls the source language that WD uses.
For the current release of the ML templates, only $SITE['WDlanguage'] = 'en' (English) is supported .. there is no reverse translation from the other WD languages built into the scripts, but may be added in the future.
Please leave as 'en' until further notice.
This setting controls the viewer's ability to change languages.
= true allows the changes,
= false denies the ability to change from the $SITE['lang'] setting below.
This setting controls the display of country flags representing the languages available.
= true shows the flags,
= false will show the two-letter country/language designator instead.
This setting controls the default language to be presented from among the choices in $SITE['langavail'].
The default is 'en' (English).
This setting enables which language translations are to be offered. For each language offered, five files are needed in the website (LL is the language translation identifier):

language-LL.txt - primary translation file
language-LL.js - translation file for the AJAX JavaScript (ajaxWDwx.js)
ajax-images/flag-LL.gif - flag image for the language
wxabout-LL.html - About page in language LL
plaintext-parser-lang-LL.txt - translation file for the WXSIM forecast (needed if WXSIM is used)

To enable a language, just add the 2-character language code into the array. To remove languages, simply comment out the entry for that language with '//' in the first two columns.
$SITE['monthNames'] = array(
This setting is used by the wxastronomy.php page to parse the lunar/solar dates from Weather-Display.
If your dates on the wxastronomy.php appear correct, there is no need to use this setting.
If the dates are shown in a language other than English, then use this setting to specify the names of the months in your language.
For example, a Danish specification would appear as:
$SITE['monthNames'] = array(

$SITE['WXSIM'] = true;
$SITE['WXSIMscript'] = 'plaintext-parser.php';
If you have WXSIM operating on your website, this specifies the formatting script to use.
Set $SITE['WXSIM'] = false; if you aren't using WXSIM.
$SITE['defaultlang'] = 'en';
This setting specifies the default language to use for the WXSIM plaintext-parser.php. Please ensure you have the appropriate language plugin file (plaintext-parser-lang-XX.txt) in the same directory as plaintext-parser.php in order to engage this feature. You may also have to change the $SITE['charset'] setting if your language file is not using iso-8859-1 Latin character set.
$SITE['fcsticonsdir'] = './forecast/images/';
This specifies the relative FILE location of the icon set used by the forecast scripts ( WU-forecast.php, WXSIM plaintext-parser.php)
$SITE['fcsturlWU'] = '';
This setting specifies the Weather Underground URL to use for obtaining your local forecast. It overrides this setting found in the WU-forecast.php script itself.
$SITE['fcstscript'] = 'WU-forecast.php';
$SITE['fcstorg'] = 'WU';
This setting specifies the use of Weather Underground as the forecast source (using the WU-forecast.php script. The forecast icons and text are used by the ajax-dashboard, ajax-sidebar and wxforecast.php page. Optionally, you can use WXSIM for the forecast source by setting
$SITE['fcstscript'] = 'plaintext-parser.php'; and
$SITE['fcstorg'] = 'WXSIM';
This will cause the WXSIM forecast icons to appear in the ajax-dashboard and WXSIM forecast to be used on the wxindex.php and wxforecast.php page.

In the World-ML template set, you'll notice that the wxadvisory.php and wxradar.php pages will need you to add content reflecting your national weather information source. Please add your own content to those two pages since they are unique to your location/nation.

Don't forget to change the wxabout-LL.html pages for each language you intend to offer on your site. The appropriate page is included by wxabout.php based on the current language selection (LL).