Tracking 4 storm cells
Cell ID D-1991 detected at 9:52 PM from 25.5° at a distance of 8 miles. Storm is severe and weakening.
Cell ID K-1993 detected at 9:52 PM from 201.6° at a distance of 7 miles. Storm is weak and steady.
Cell ID M-2072 detected at 9:54 PM from 64.0° at a distance of 8 miles. Storm is weak and weakening.
Cell ID C-4806 detected at 10:40 PM from 12.5° at a distance of 9 miles. Storm is weak and intensifying.

LIGHTNING ALERT ... We have detected a nearby storm cell ...

The StormVue display is Adobe Flash-based and is no longer available as our website has stopped using Flash.


Note: Do not use for human safety or protection of property purposes.


Wide Area Storm Probe 2 (WASP-2) from Astrogenic

WASP2 Lightning/Radar display

The above image was produced by Astrogenic WASP2 software (V2.3.3792.22547) using information from StrikeStar US. We report lightning data to StrikeStarUS by Astrogenic NexStorm (V1.9.1.8120) software.

Other Lightning Detectors in the region

California: San Luis Obispo | Vacaville | Orange County | Brown's Valley | Tahoe Vista
Nevada:  Las Vegas, NV |  S. Nevada  
Arizona: Gold Canyon, AZ | Phoenix, AZ
Utah: Weber Canyon, UT

Boltek Lightning Detectors Astrogenic NexStorm and StormVue

Astrogenic Nexstorm (V1.9.1.8120), Astrogenic WASP2 (V2.3.3792.22547)