wflash.txt offsets/variable names/current values

Length: 383 bytes for ./wflash/Data/wflash.txt
OffsetVWS VariableCurrent Value
[0](none): Timestamp (secs since 1/1/1900 00:00:00)'F=3806414983'
[1](none): Time of update'10:29:43'
[2]^vxv001^: Wind Direction (text)'N'
[3](none): Wind Direction (degrees)'6.000'
[4]^vxv002^: Wind Speed'1.000'
[5]^vxv003^: Wind Gust'3.000'
[6]^vxv004^: In Humidity'36.000'
[7]^vxv005^: Humidity'44.000'
[8]^vxv006^: In Temp'84.200'
[9]^vxv007^: Out Temp'80.500'
[10]^vxv008^: Raw Barometer'29.465'
[11]^vxv009^: Total Rain'0.000'
[12]^vxv010^: Ch 1 Temp'0.000'
[13]^vxv011^: Ch 1 Humidity'0.000'
[14]^vxv012^: Ch 2 Temp'0.000'
[15]^vxv013^: Ch 2 Humidity'0.000'
[16]^vxv014^: Ch 3 Temp'0.000'
[17]^vxv015^: Ch 3 Humidity'0.000'
[18]^vxv016^: Evapotranspiration'0.027'
[19]^vxv017^: UV Index'3.200'
[20]^vxv018^: Solar Radiation'366.000'
[21]^vxv019^: Wind Chill'80.500'
[22]^vxv020^: In Heat Ix'82.894'
[23]^vxv021^: Out Heat Ix'80.648'
[24]^vxv022^: Dew Point'56.605'
[25]^vxv023^: SL Barometer'29.888'
[26]^vxv024^: Press Alt'423.528'
[27]^vxv025^: Cloud Base'5973.827'
[28]^vxv026^: Density Alt'1917.777'
[29]^vxv027^: Virtual Temp'83.711'
[30]^vxv028^: Vapor Press'0.461'
[31]^vvr001^: Wind Direction Rate'0.374'
[32]^vvr002^: Wind Speed Rate'0.522'
[33]^vvr003^: Wind Gust Rate'1.722'
[34]^vvr004^: In Humidity Rate'0.079'
[35]^vvr005^: Humidity Rate'-5.689'
[36]^vvr006^: In Temp Rate'0.217'
[37]^vvr007^: Out Temp Rate'3.584'
[38]^vvr008^: Raw Barometer Rate'0.004'
[39]^vvr009^: Total Rain Rate'0.000'
[40]^vvr010^: Ch 1 Temp Rate'0.000'
[41]^vvr011^: Ch 1 Humidity Rate'0.000'
[42]^vvr012^: Ch 2 Temp Rate'0.000'
[43]^vvr013^: Ch2 Humidity Rate'0.000'
[44]^vvr014^: Ch 3 Temp Rate'0.000'
[45]^vvr015^: Ch 3 Humidity Rate'0.000'
[46]^vvr016^: Evapotranspiration Rate'0.006'
[47]^vvr017^: UV Index Rate'0.951'
[48]^vvr018^: Solar Radiation Rate'38.251'
[49]^vvr019^: Wind Chill Rate'3.584'
[50]^vvr020^: In Heat Ix Rate'0.205'
[51]^vvr021^: Out Heat Ix Rate'2.943'
[52]^vvr022^: Dew Point Rate'0.065'
[53]^vvr023^: SL Barometer Rate'0.004'

wflash2.txt offsets/variable names/current values

Length: 1912 bytes for ./wflash/Data/wflash2.txt
OffsetVWS VariableCurrent Value
[0](none): Time of update'S=10:29:03'
[1](none): Wind Direction Running Average (text)'N'
[2]^vva001^: Wind Direction Running Average'5.67'
[3]^vva002^: Wind Speed Running Average'0.47'
[4]^vva003^: Wind Gust Running Average'1.26'
[5]^vva004^: In Humidity Running Average'35.92'
[6]^vva005^: Humidity Running Average'49.75'
[7]^vva006^: In Temp Running Average'83.98'
[8]^vva007^: Out Temp Running Average'76.88'
[9]^vva008^: Raw Barometer Running Average'29.46'
[10]^vva009^: Total Rain Running Average'0.00'
[11]^vva010^: Ch 1 Temp Running Average'0.00'
[12]^vva011^: Ch 1 Humidity Running Average'0.00'
[13]^vva012^: Ch 2 Temp Running Average'0.00'
[14]^vva013^: Ch 2 Humidity Running Average'0.00'
[15]^vva014^: Ch 3 Temp Running Average'0.00'
[16]^vva015^: Ch 3 Humidity Running Average'0.00'
[17]^vva016^: Evapotranspiration Running Average'0.02'
[18]^vva017^: UV Index Running Average'2.24'
[19]^vva018^: Solar Radiation Running Average'327.30'
[20]^vva019^: Wind Chill Running Average'76.88'
[21]^vva020^: In Heat Ix Running Average'82.69'
[22]^vva021^: Out Heat Ix Running Average'77.67'
[23]^vva022^: Dew Point Running Average'56.54'
[24]^vva023^: SL Barometer Running Average'29.88'
[30]^vhi001^: Wind Direction Daily Hi'6.00'
[31]^vhi002^: Wind Speed Daily Hi'5.00'
[32]^vhi003^: Wind Gust Daily Hi'5.00'
[33]^vhi004^: In Humidity Daily Hi'38.00'
[34]^vhi005^: Humidity Daily Hi'66.00'
[35]^vhi006^: In Temp Daily Hi'86.20'
[36]^vhi007^: Out Temp Daily Hi'80.30'
[37]^vhi008^: Raw Barometer Daily Hi'29.47'
[38]^vhi009^: Total Rain Daily Hi'0.00'
[39]^vhi010^: Ch 1 Temp Daily Hi'0.00'
[40]^vhi011^: Ch 1 Humidity Daily Hi'0.00'
[41]^vhi012^: Ch 2 Temp Daily Hi'0.00'
[42]^vhi013^: Ch 2 Humidity Daily Hi'0.00'
[43]^vhi014^: Ch 3 Temp Daily Hi'0.00'
[44]^vhi015^: Ch 3 Humidity Daily Hi'0.00'
[45]^vhi016^: Evapotranspiration Daily Hi'0.19'
[46]^vhi017^: UV Index Daily Hi'4.80'
[47]^vhi018^: Solar Radiation Daily Hi'524.00'
[48]^vhi019^: Wind Chill Daily Hi'80.30'
[49]^vhi020^: In Heat Ix Daily Hi'85.07'
[50]^vhi021^: Out Heat Ix Daily Hi'80.77'
[51]^vhi022^: Dew Point Daily Hi'59.31'
[52]^vhi023^: SL Barometer Daily Hi'29.89'
[58]^vht001^: Wind Direction Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[59]^vht002^: Wind Speed Daily Hi Time'10:29am'
[60]^vht003^: Wind Gust Daily Hi Time'10:29am'
[61]^vht004^: In Humidity Daily Hi Time'12:05am'
[62]^vht005^: Humidity Daily Hi Time'5:29am'
[63]^vht006^: In Temp Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[64]^vht007^: Out Temp Daily Hi Time'10:28am'
[65]^vht008^: Raw Barometer Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[66]^vht009^: Total Rain Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[67]^vht010^: Ch 1 Temp Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[68]^vht011^: Ch 1 Humidity Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[69]^vht012^: Ch 2 Temp Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[70]^vht013^: Ch 2 Humidity Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[71]^vht014^: Ch 3 Temp Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[72]^vht015^: Ch 3 Humidity Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[73]^vht016^: Evapotranspiration Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[74]^vht017^: UV Index Daily Hi Time'10:20am'
[75]^vht018^: Solar Radiation Daily Hi Time'10:02am'
[76]^vht019^: Wind Chill Daily Hi Time'10:28am'
[77]^vht020^: In Heat Ix Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[78]^vht021^: Out Heat Ix Daily Hi Time'10:28am'
[79]^vht022^: Dew Point Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[80]^vht023^: SL Barometer Daily Hi Time'12:00am'
[86]^vlo001^: Wind Direction Daily Lo'4.00'
[87]^vlo002^: Wind Speed Daily Lo'0.00'
[88]^vlo003^: Wind Gust Daily Lo'0.00'
[89]^vlo004^: In Humidity Daily Lo'32.00'
[90]^vlo005^: Humidity Daily Lo'45.00'
[91]^vlo006^: In Temp Daily Lo'83.00'
[92]^vlo007^: Out Temp Daily Lo'69.90'
[93]^vlo008^: Raw Barometer Daily Lo'29.43'
[94]^vlo009^: Total Rain Daily Lo'0.00'
[95]^vlo010^: Ch 1 Temp Daily Lo'0.00'
[96]^vlo011^: Ch 1 Humidity Daily Lo'0.00'
[97]^vlo012^: Ch 2 Temp Daily Lo'0.00'
[98]^vlo013^: Ch 2 Humidity Daily Lo'0.00'
[99]^vlo014^: Ch 3 Temp Daily Lo'0.00'
[100]^vlo015^: Ch 3 Humidity Daily Lo'0.00'
[101]^vlo016^: Evapotranspiration Daily Lo'0.00'
[102]^vlo017^: UV Index Daily Lo'0.00'
[103]^vlo018^: Solar Radiation Daily Lo'0.00'
[104]^vlo019^: Wind Chill Daily Lo'69.90'
[105]^vlo020^: In Heat Ix Daily Lo'81.40'
[106]^vlo021^: Out Heat Ix Daily Lo'71.91'
[107]^vlo022^: Dew Point Daily Lo'54.69'
[108]^vlo023^: SL Barometer Daily Lo'29.86'
[114]^vlt001^: Wind Direction Daily Lo Time'12:03am'
[115]^vlt002^: Wind Speed Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[116]^vlt003^: Wind Gust Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[117]^vlt004^: In Humidity Daily Lo Time'1:13am'
[118]^vlt005^: Humidity Daily Lo Time'10:07am'
[119]^vlt006^: In Temp Daily Lo Time'4:22am'
[120]^vlt007^: Out Temp Daily Lo Time'3:57am'
[121]^vlt008^: Raw Barometer Daily Lo Time'6:14am'
[122]^vlt009^: Total Rain Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[123]^vlt010^: Ch 1 Temp Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[124]^vlt011^: Ch 1 Humidity Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[125]^vlt012^: Ch 2 Temp Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[126]^vlt013^: Ch 2 Humidity Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[127]^vlt014^: Ch 3 Temp Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[128]^vlt015^: Ch 3 Humidity Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[129]^vlt016^: Evapotranspiration Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[130]^vlt017^: UV Index Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[131]^vlt018^: Solar Radiation Daily Lo Time'12:00am'
[132]^vlt019^: Wind Chill Daily Lo Time'3:57am'
[133]^vlt020^: In Heat Ix Daily Lo Time'4:56am'
[134]^vlt021^: Out Heat Ix Daily Lo Time'3:38am'
[135]^vlt022^: Dew Point Daily Lo Time'8:37am'
[136]^vlt023^: SL Barometer Daily Lo Time'6:14am'
[142]^vrh001^: Wind Direction Rate Hi'0.40'
[143]^vrh002^: Wind Speed Rate Hi'4.57'
[144]^vrh003^: Wind Gust Rate Hi'3.79'
[145]^vrh004^: In Humidity Rate Hi'1.71'
[146]^vrh005^: Humidity Rate Hi'3.98'
[147]^vrh006^: In Temp Rate Hi'0.56'
[148]^vrh007^: Out Temp Rate Hi'3.59'
[149]^vrh008^: Raw Barometer Rate Hi'0.01'
[150]^vrh009^: Total Rain Rate Hi'0.00'
[151]^vrh010^: Ch 1 Temp Rate Hi'0.00'
[152]^vrh011^: Ch 1 Humidity Rate Hi'0.00'
[153]^vrh012^: Ch 2 Temp Rate Hi'0.00'
[154]^vrh013^: Ch 2 Humidity Rate Hi'0.00'
[155]^vrh014^: Ch 3 Temp Rate Hi'0.00'
[156]^vrh015^: Ch 3 Humidity Rate Hi'0.00'
[157]^vrh016^: Evapotranspiration Rate Hi'0.01'
[158]^vrh017^: UV Index Rate Hi'2.77'
[159]^vrh018^: Solar Radiation Rate Hi'327.12'
[160]^vrh019^: Wind Chill Rate Hi'3.59'
[161]^vrh020^: In Heat Ix Rate Hi'0.59'
[162]^vrh021^: Out Heat Ix Rate Hi'3.26'
[163]^vrh022^: Dew Point Rate Hi'1.79'
[164]^vrh023^: SL Barometer Rate Hi'0.01'
[170]^vrt001^: Wind Direction Rate Hi Time'10:27am'
[171]^vrt002^: Wind Speed Rate Hi Time'10:29am'
[172]^vrt003^: Wind Gust Rate Hi Time'10:29am'
[173]^vrt004^: In Humidity Rate Hi Time'12:05am'
[174]^vrt005^: Humidity Rate Hi Time'5:29am'
[175]^vrt006^: In Temp Rate Hi Time'9:30am'
[176]^vrt007^: Out Temp Rate Hi Time'10:15am'
[177]^vrt008^: Raw Barometer Rate Hi Time'8:16am'
[178]^vrt009^: Total Rain Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[179]^vrt010^: Ch 1 Temp Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[180]^vrt011^: Ch 1 Humidity Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[181]^vrt012^: Ch 2 Temp Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[182]^vrt013^: Ch 2 Humidity Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[183]^vrt014^: Ch 3 Temp Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[184]^vrt015^: Ch 3 Humidity Rate Hi Time'12:00am'
[185]^vrt016^: Evapotranspiration Rate Hi Time'10:00am'
[186]^vrt017^: UV Index Rate Hi Time'10:20am'
[187]^vrt018^: Solar Radiation Rate Hi Time'8:03am'
[188]^vrt019^: Wind Chill Rate Hi Time'10:15am'
[189]^vrt020^: In Heat Ix Rate Hi Time'8:47am'
[190]^vrt021^: Out Heat Ix Rate Hi Time'10:12am'
[191]^vrt022^: Dew Point Rate Hi Time'10:12am'
[192]^vrt023^: SL Barometer Rate Hi Time'8:16am'
[198]^vrl001^: Wind Direction Rate Lo'-4.38'
[199]^vrl002^: Wind Speed Rate Lo'-0.41'
[200]^vrl003^: Wind Gust Rate Lo'-1.20'
[201]^vrl004^: In Humidity Rate Lo'-4.16'
[202]^vrl005^: Humidity Rate Lo'-8.61'
[203]^vrl006^: In Temp Rate Lo'-0.84'
[204]^vrl007^: Out Temp Rate Lo'-1.97'
[205]^vrl008^: Raw Barometer Rate Lo'-0.01'
[206]^vrl009^: Total Rain Rate Lo'0.00'
[207]^vrl010^: Ch 1 Temp Rate Lo'0.00'
[208]^vrl011^: Ch 1 Humidity Rate Lo'0.00'
[209]^vrl012^: Ch 2 Temp Rate Lo'0.00'
[210]^vrl013^: Ch 2 Humidity Rate Lo'0.00'
[211]^vrl014^: Ch 3 Temp Rate Lo'0.00'
[212]^vrl015^: Ch 3 Humidity Rate Lo'0.00'
[213]^vrl016^: Evapotranspiration Rate Lo'-0.19'
[214]^vrl017^: UV Index Rate Lo'-0.01'
[215]^vrl018^: Solar Radiation Rate Lo'-98.80'
[216]^vrl019^: Wind Chill Rate Lo'-1.97'
[217]^vrl020^: In Heat Ix Rate Lo'-1.32'
[218]^vrl021^: Out Heat Ix Rate Lo'-1.96'
[219]^vrl022^: Dew Point Rate Lo'-2.24'
[220]^vrl023^: SL Barometer Rate Lo'-0.01'
[226]^vrs001^: Wind Direction Rate Lo Time'12:03am'
[227]^vrs002^: Wind Speed Rate Lo Time'10:23am'
[228]^vrs003^: Wind Gust Rate Lo Time'10:25am'
[229]^vrs004^: In Humidity Rate Lo Time'1:13am'
[230]^vrs005^: Humidity Rate Lo Time'9:01am'
[231]^vrs006^: In Temp Rate Lo Time'1:36am'
[232]^vrs007^: Out Temp Rate Lo Time'12:04am'
[233]^vrs008^: Raw Barometer Rate Lo Time'2:01am'
[234]^vrs009^: Total Rain Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[235]^vrs010^: Ch 1 Temp Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[236]^vrs011^: Ch 1 Humidity Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[237]^vrs012^: Ch 2 Temp Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[238]^vrs013^: Ch 2 Humidity Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[239]^vrs014^: Ch 3 Temp Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[240]^vrs015^: Ch 3 Humidity Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[241]^vrs016^: Evapotranspiration Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[242]^vrs017^: UV Index Rate Lo Time'12:00am'
[243]^vrs018^: Solar Radiation Rate Lo Time'9:05am'
[244]^vrs019^: Wind Chill Rate Lo Time'12:04am'
[245]^vrs020^: In Heat Ix Rate Lo Time'1:13am'
[246]^vrs021^: Out Heat Ix Rate Lo Time'1:33am'
[247]^vrs022^: Dew Point Rate Lo Time'8:29am'
[248]^vrs023^: SL Barometer Rate Lo Time'2:01am'
[254]^vxv121^: Daily Rain'0.00'
[255]^vxv122^: Hourly Rain'0.00'
[256]^vxv123^: 24 Hour Rain'0.00'
[257]^vxv124^: Rain Rate'0.00'
[258]^vxv125^: Wind Run'0.93'
[259]^vxv126^: Degrees Heating'0.00'
[260]^vxv127^: Degrees Cooling'3.22'
[261]^vxv128^: Moon Phase'24.96'
[262]^vxv129^: Monthly Rain'0.00'
[263]^vxv130^: Deg Heating Month'23.14'
[264]^vxv131^: Deg Cooling Month'89.54'
[265]^vxv132^: Wind Run Month'382.22'
[266]^vxv133^: Deg Heating Year'1723.66'
[267]^vxv134^: Deg Cooling Year'650.07'
[268]^vxv135^: Wind Run Year'6853.75'
[269]^vst136^: Heat Stress'Caution'
[270]^vst137^: Comfort Level'Warm'
[271]^vst138^: Forecast'Increasing+clouds+with+little+temperature+change'
[272]^vst139^: Barom Trend'Steady'
[273]^vst140^: Press Trend'Steady'
[274]^vst141^: Beaufort Scale'Calm'
[275]^vst142^: Date'8/14/20'
[276]^vst143^: Time'10:30am'
[277]^vst144^: Sunrise'6:26am'
[278]^vst145^: Sunset'8:02pm'
[279]^vst146^: Moonrise'1:47am'
[280]^vst147^: Moonset'4:50pm'
[281]^vst148^: Windspeed Verbose'North'
[283]^vervws^: Version No.'V15.00'
[284]^wslong^: Station Longitude'-122.023'
[285]^wslat^: Station Latitude'37.275'
[286](none): Station Elevation'0.0'
[288](none): METAR Cloud Conditions'FEW012'
[289](none): METAR Visibility'10'
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