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Using AJAX for near real-time updates with Weather-Display
and Carter Lake HTML templates

Weather-Display software offers a near real-time update capability for the clientraw.txt file (a space-delimited text file of current conditions that's primarily used as a data source for the add-on WD-Live and MesoMapLive Flash displays). The contents of the clientraw.txt file (layout/field meanings and current values can be seen at and docs in the clientrawdescription.txt in your wdisplay directory).

The clientraw.txt file is updated (if you so select with WD) every 5 seconds or so with most (but not all) the data from your weather staton. You can use this (with AJAX) to update your conditions webpage between regular update times without reloading the entire page in the browser. It does require a 'modern' browser, and that JavaScript be enabled in the browser.

Tom at created and released a set of HTML templates for Weather-Display websites that have been very popular among weather enthusiasts. With Tom's permission, I've used his template set and added AJAX functionality to each page. The main page (wxlocal.html) has AJAX updated conditions throughout the page. The secondary pages (wxlocal[2..9].html) have an AJAX driven gizmo in the top right of the page. The gizmo will rotate display of current conditions.

New users to the carterlake templates can unpack the zip file, and follow Tom's readme.doc file to get their new site running with the templates. For current users of the carterlake templates, a set of detailed instructions is included to allow you to refit the AJAX mods into your existing template set.

Included with the package are a set of wind direction icons, rising and falling arrows, and a set of weather condition icons. Thanks to Larry at for his permission to redistribute his weather condition icons from his PHP Weather graphic software.

The functions have been tested with IE6-SP2, IE7, Firefox 2.0, Opera 8, Netscape 7 and seem to work ok and as a bonus, it validates to XHTML-1.0 Transitional at

I have a set of pages produced from the templates here, but are NOT uploaded via WD (so you can see which areas are AJAX enabled).
[ wxlocal | wxlocal2 | wxlocal3 | wxlocal4 | wxlocal5 | wxlocal6 | wxlocal7 | wxlocal8 | wxlocal9 ]
[ wxlocal-metric ]

Also available are the one-page carterlake templates with AJAX (samples not WD updated to show AJAX action)
[ onepage-US(English) | onepage-Metric ]

The full (customized) live set of pages is also available showing WD substitution [ wx.html ]

AJAX Weather-Display carterlake HTML templates: [v2.14] download [see version history]
View AJAX installation guide(readme) | View AJAX-FAQ | View the carterlake WD instructions (PDF)

Download just ajaxWDwx.js V2.20 script (updated 16-Jul-2010)
Download just ajaxgizmo.js V1.02 script (updated 20-Mar-2009)
Download new ajax-images updates for V2.08 (included in main .zip file)

Note: If your weather website supports PHP, I'd recommend you try the WD/AJAX/PHP templates instead -- they offer many more features (including multilingual capability) and are customized for USA, Canada or World websites.

Special thanks goes to 'pinto' ( and Tom (carterlake) who together pioneered the AJAX techniques with Weather-Display and shared it with the world on the Weather-Display forum. My efforts here are based on their work and they have my gratitude for allowing other websites to use it.

This list of websites is maintained by Tom at
If you'd like your website listed, please contact him at

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The data on this page is derived from Tom's Template Users Links page.