Current Weather-Display conditions test

ItemValue as of 26-Apr-2018 12:40am
Weather Display version 10.37S-(b66)
System Free Memory 12.06GB
Tags updated%date%='4/26/2018' %time%='00:40 AM'
Icon   night_cloudy.gif %iconnumber%='13'
%weathercond% 'Dry'
%Currentsolardescription% 'Night time/Dry/Overcast '
%weatherreport% 'overcast'
Sunrise, Sunset '6:19 am', '7:52 pm'
clientraw.txt (0 refetches)
Clientraw-wd vers CR[177] C10.37S66
Date/time '4/26/2018' '00:40:47 (12:40 AM)'
Icon CR[48]   night_cloudy.gif CR[48]='13'
WeatherDesc CR[49] 'Night_time/Dry/Overcast_'
Solar Reading CR[34] '0'
VP Solarwm CR[127] '0.0'

Stats saved to ./WD-stats/WD-20180426.txt for timestamp 1524728461